Our featurephones define the devices for a wide audience of consumers. Our devices are developed considering the different users’ needs. For improving quality, design and prices optimization our qualified specialists and factories adopt recent technical developments of the vendors.
The deep customization is accomplished with the production of every model despite its price. Customization is an integrated process with its final stage to release mobile phones containing the best specification, good durability and tuned software.
The final process of the mobile phones production includes the devices assembling and packing on the partners’ factories from China according with the Flame Group technologies and European quality standards. The international certificates and declarations confirm it. The legal licenses for producing are also granted by manufacturers of the key components –chipsets. It provides us with the direct support on any issues and timely preparation of the software updates.
Every consumer has an opportunity to choose the most appropriate mobile phone of FlameFox brand, so that they will be satisfied by the deeply customized product with the innovative design decision.
Our portfolio keeps a wide range of mobile phones: waterproof and dustproof mobiles with the big buttons and easy interface, besides for those who are in favor of extraordinary solutions.

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